Frequently Asked Questions​

The daughter of our founder has a disability and we wanted to provide the same opportunities neuro typical people receive as a default by society.

A unique physical, emotional, and social development program. It is gym based, with each session having a different focus. The Program is based on a specially designed curriculum, each 1 hr session is planned and will focus on Strength, Speed, Stability and Control, Fitness and Endurance.

Every Athlete starts only doing body weight exercises, until such time that the coaching staff are comfortable that the Athlete is demonstrating proper technique for whatever the exercise. Then and only then will we introduce resistance, first its soft resistance (bands) then hard resistance (weights).

NO, this is the purpose of the I’MPossible Program to give everyone with a disability the opportunity to participate. We will teach and coach the Athlete everything. We don’t care if it takes 5yrs for the Athlete to learn a new technique

Because they are Athletes once they join the I’MPossible Program. We treat them like an Athlete, we coach them like Athletes, we have expectations like Athletes, and we celebrate all their success like Athletes. We don’t see disability; we see the Human and all the amazing potential.

All!!! We have Athletes across the entire spectrum of both physical and intellectual disabilities. From non-verbal, high intensity ASD, CP, Down Syndrome, high functioning ASD and everything in between.

We cater for 10+yrs old.

We currently deliver the I’MPossible Program at

Penrith – Mon/Wed – 4-5pm

Blacktown – Wed/Fri – 6-7pm

Penshurst – Sat – 9-10am

The I’MPossible Program runs school terms and we take the school holidays as a break.

Athletes love the program and many have been involved for several years.

YES!! If you are Self or Plan Managed.

We use the following items and categories

CORE: Access Community Social and Recreational Activities

CAPACITY BUILDING: Community Participation Activities


YES!! We have I’MPossible FC, which is a Football (soccer) Program for people with a disability. This is different, it’s at an amazing facility, with certified coaches and equipment to suit All Abilities or disability specific needs.

We also have I’MPossible Support, which is our Support Worker Program. Our Coaches have built amazing relationships with the Athletes, we know them, understand them and love them. It makes sense to be their support worker when they need us.