I'MPossible Football/Soccer Club

I’MPossible Welcome

Welcome to I'MPossible FC

At the I’MPossible Football/Soccer Club, we champion the belief that everyone, regardless of disability, deserves the opportunity to play football. Whether it’s mainstream football or tailored versions like ‘all abilities’ and ‘disability-specific’ football, our goal is to provide a comprehensive and inclusive environment where all players can thrive.

Our Philosophy

I’MPossible Football/Soccer Club is not just about football; it’s about fostering a culture of inclusion, respect, and fun. We aim to create and sustain an environment where individuals with disabilities have equal access to all opportunities and feel a true sense of belonging, both on and off the pitch.

I’MPossible FC Coaches
Our Football Programs:
  1. Mainstream Football: For players who can engage in the sport without any adaptations to the rules, offering a traditional football experience.
  2. All Abilities Football: A welcoming format for players with a broad range of disabilities and health conditions, promoting inclusivity and teamwork.
  3. Disability Specific Football: Tailored programs for players sharing similar types of impairments, such as CP Football, Blind Football, Deaf Football, Powerchair Football, and Frame Football. This pathway offers opportunities from local grassroots levels to international competitions.

NDIS Support

I’MPossible Football/Soccer Club is supported by NDIS, meaning participants may have the costs of their involvement covered as part of their individual NDIS plans. This ensures that financial constraints do not hinder anyone from participating in our programs and enjoying the benefits of being part of the I’MPossible Football/Soccer Club.

Program Details

Who: For players with disabilities, aged 9 years and older.

Where: 81 Eastern Road, Rooty Hill, NSW, Australia, New South Wales. Turn into Gate B, at the intersection of Eastern Road and Football Drive.

When: Saturdays, 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Duration: Term-based

Why Choose I'MPossible Football/Soccer Club?

 We offer:

A safe and supportive environment tailored to meet the needs of all participants.

A chance to build lasting friendships and develop team spirit.

Opportunities to improve physical fitness and wellbeing through sport.

Newest Football facility in the country with nine state-of-the-art all-weather pitches that are accessible and dedicated to I’MPossible Football

Qualified Coaches, that have experience in the Disability Sector and Football, and are amazing humans.

New equipment that will make the I’MPossible Football experience memorable, enjoyable and create a platform to change how Disability Football is delivered in Australia.